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Steven Flyer


AUA Private Equity

The Art of Partnership

On this episode Steven will talk about the keys to a successful partnership. He will also share insights into the current M&A market and common mistakes business owners make when negotiating with the financial partner.

Episode Airs: July 2021

Tom Theurkuff,


Sun Valuations

The Importance of Third Party Valuations

On this episode Brett and Tom will discuss the importance of having your business valued as a key part of tax planning. They will also mention the different types on valuation methods used and the benefits.

Episode Airs: August 2021

Carrie Dilauro

Director, Operations & Marketing

Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners

Growth & Innovation

On this episode Brett and Carrie will discuss the importance of creating a growth plan for your business the incorporates innovation to increase your company's competitive edge. Carrie will also share how innovation drive better B2B partnerships. 

Episode Airs: August 2021